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"The beautiful world of TOPIA COSMETIC" in the cosmetic industry since founded 1996. TOPIA�as performed mission of with a conception of Developing and supplying the best quality of cosmetic. Under motto of "Quality First" and "Customer's Satisfaction" to consumers worldwide. These motto enable the company to survive in the world of fierce competition. As a result, TOPIA had grown rapidly and positioned a an unshakable leader, in overseas market.

We have 3 difference brands, JOYCOS, TEENTEEN,  THECOLORSHOP,

JOYCOS is a special brand that is expressed the sensuous women's wish, who pursue the 'Joy', to be polish and modernly. JOYCOS, as a compound word of JOY and COSMETIC, means "Give more pleasure to women" and is a professional color brand that is looked better by high quality case with golden color.

TEEN-TEEN emphasized the 'Cute' with various pastel colors put into the unprecedented and colorful designed case. This brand is for the women aged from teenagers to twenties, especially who like the cute and lovely feeling as well as like the unique items with new sensibility.

THECOLORSHOP is a brand for early twenties women to step forward into new society and is suitable for women to pursue the elegance.

TOPIA is now looking for competent partners in overseas to develop world market under the basis of the long-term relationship with mutual cooperation.

We guarantee that we have a potential for making even greater contributions to your company in the future.

Detailed Company Information

  • Company NameTOPIA IND CO LTD
  • Business TypeManufacturer
  • Year Established2014
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main MarketsHong Kong(China),Nigeria,Philippines,Taiwan,Uganda
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
  • Homepage
  • PresidentHONG SUK- PYO
  • Phone+82-2-933-7626
  • FAX+82-2-933-7627
  • Address106 Junggyero8gil, Nowon-ku, Seoul, Korea
  • Product Category Construction & Real Estate > Mouldings
    Furniture & Furnishings > Home Decor > Photo & Picture Frames
    General Mechanical Components > Moulds

Additional Introduction

Welcome to our Homepage in which you can find the competitive frame moulding. As the Polystyrene frame moulding manufacturer in Korea, we have put the best effort to be the great supporter of the framers who want to be the best in their territories.

Through this site, you can trace the standard ranges of Polystyrene mouldings, the popular foil patterns the concerned details. We welcome the customer's designs to be your own models.

We will further develop ourselves to serve you better in the future. Our customers warrant it and we will make sure that we keep our promises.

"Topia Frame- the difference in quality!"

With dedication and responsibility, we will make sure that Topia Frame equals the name in quality, price, and your absolute satisfaction.

Thank you

  S. P. Hong

Factory Information

  • Extruder manufacturing312-7 Songchun-ri, Sudongmyun, kyunginkido